Twenty Years of Kawada: An Interview with the General Manager of Guangdong Kawada Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.

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Twenty Years of Kawada: An Interview with the General Manager of Guangdong Kawada Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-29 10:43

  In May 1998, Zhongshan Chuantian Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Guangdong Chuantian
Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.) was established. It was named "Kawatian" because it was founded in the
beautiful "mountains and fields". It purchased a 270mm sanitary napkin production line. Set foot in the
sanitary products industry. In June 2018, Guangdong Kawada Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. successfully held
its 20th anniversary celebration in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, celebrating Kawada's
achievements in the past 20 years with industry colleagues and looking forward to future development.
The ancients said: Twenty weak crowns, to show adults. Kawada’s 20-year Fanghua has gone through
hardships and joy, and gained reputation and happiness from its sailing to the present day. On June 16,
2018, on the occasion of Kawata’s 20th anniversary celebration, "Life Paper" magazine interviewed the
company, listened to the story behind Kawata’s 20-year transformation, took the pulse of development
and experience, and felt the love and warmth that touched the heart. Picking up the years under 20
years of Fanghua... Fanghua·Focus. Kawada’s 20 years are divided into two major stages: the stage from
1998 to 2009, which is always called the "foundation building" stage; the second stage is the "focus"
stage from 2010 to 2018. The "foundation" stage is a process of constantly searching for the company's
development path. Kawada has made a lot of attempts, but what remains unchanged is that he has never
given up on the production of feminine hygiene products. From the beginning of its establishment, the
production line of self-purchased 270mm sanitary napkins was started. In 2001, it cooperated with the
OEM of Sibaojieting sanitary napkins. In 2002, the production line of Kuaiyibao sanitary napkins was
put into use, and in 2003, it has its own brand of extraordinary charm sanitary napkins. After going
public, Kawada people gradually figured out a set of clear strategic plans suitable for their own
development. 2010 is the year of "Butterfly Change" for Kawada. The company integrates all resources
and officially positions itself to focus on the OEM and ODM business of feminine hygiene products,
concentrates on the development and production of feminine sanitary napkins and sanitary pads, and
establishes its corporate mission and vision. And values. "This is the overall policy and action plan
of Kawada's operations. Any decision of the company is based on it." At the same time, it weakens the
production of its own brand of extraordinary charm sanitary napkins. The current proportion of this
business has increased from 40 in 2008. % Is reduced to 5%, product adjustment and supply shall be
carried out based on the demand of distributors. Baixue first aspired, the keynote was set, Kawada then
entered a period of accumulating energy. After 8 years of perseverance and dedicated investment, Kawata
has grown and developed, and now has three production bases and five major factories in Guangdong
Kawatian, Guangdong Kawatian South Branch, Wuhan Kawatian, Hangzhou Kawatian and Zhejiang Kawatian.
Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, it has more than 40 production bases. An advanced full-servo
sanitary napkin and sanitary pad production line with a production capacity of 2.6 billion pieces in
2017 and a sales volume of 500 million yuan. The company's products have passed the ISO9001, ISO14001
quality management system certification and the US FDA certification. It has more than 50 patented
technologies and continuous innovation. It cooperates with the top ten new retail sanitary napkin
brands. In addition to supplying the Chinese market, the products are also exported to the United
States, Europe, and Australia. In developed countries and regions, it provides high-quality sanitary
products for female consumers around the world and has won the reputation of the industry.
Fanghua·Grinding. Kawada’s 20 years are 20 years of polishing products. With its positioning of
focusing on the production of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads, Kawada speaks with its strength, and
has spoken with Anerle, Jieting, Qianjin Jingya, ABC, Free, Nasi Princess and other well-known domestic
brands of sanitary napkins have established cooperative relations. "Made in China" sanitary napkins
have not only been recognized by domestic consumers, they are also representatives of high-quality
quality in overseas developed countries. Since the export business started in 2006, the export volume
accounted for about 10% of the company's overall business, and only exported to the United States,
Europe, Australia and other developed countries and regions, winning the trust of international
customers with high quality. Kawada’s 20 years are also the 20 years of the rise of China’s feminine
hygiene products. Under the background of rising consumption levels and the continuous strengthening of
domestic sanitary napkin production equipment, Kawada strictly monitors product quality, and the
products produced by each device must be mirrored. , Interface, metal, weight, multi-piece/small-piece
production requirements. At the same time, the key to polished products is to improve the aesthetics,
softness, breathability, dryness and safety of the products under the premise of ensuring quality, so
as to find a balance point, develop tools and miss codes, etc. A series of inspection procedures can be
delivered. The reason for choosing domestic equipment is that the gap between it and foreign equipment
has gradually narrowed, and the other is that it is flexible and can meet the diversified functions of
customers to produce sanitary napkins with detailed highlights and differentiation, and to seize the
niche market. Kawada's next product planning. At present, the production workshop of the Wuhan
Chuandian factory has reached GMP requirements and will be used to vigorously develop the production of
medical-care sanitary napkins in 2019. In order to form its own technological advantages, Kawada has
determined the development direction from OEM to ODM production. In May 2018, the product research and
development center was completed, with a total area of ​​about 1,050m2. The first phase invested 5
million yuan to set up a 155m2 standard physical and chemical laboratory, a 75m2 10,000-level
microbiology laboratory, and 19m2 a 10,000-level precision constant temperature and humidity.
Laboratory, supporting 128m2 training center, office area, sample room, sample room, sample room,
reference room and other related facilities. The R&D center has three sections: Engineering Technology
Center, VI Design Center, and Test Center, which can conduct sample production, dynamic simulation
experiments, etc., and at the same time, through team research, college-enterprise cooperation, and
expert guidance, we will continue to strive for excellence and develop to meet customer needs. For new
products, vigorously develop R&D and creation, and gradually move on to the track of using technology
to operate. In addition, through participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions, listening to
customer feedback, field research and other channels, collect information, conduct forward-looking
research, and make reserves for the construction of independent development. For the waste and waste
generated in the production process, Kawada will uniformly hand over to the environmental protection
company for disposal. Said that as a company with a sense of social responsibility, it is Kawada's
consistent aim to build a long-term reputation. The company has invested a lot of manpower and material
resources in environmental protection, such as introducing two generations of dust treatment equipment,
establishing waste treatment stations, etc., and standardizing the entire production process , Strictly
abide by the requirements of the national environmental protection policy. Fanghua·warmth. Twenty years
of beauty, warmth follows. For 20 years, Kawada has not only produced nursing products that can bring
warmth and care to women, but also has always adhered to this warmth for the company and employees. The
company is full of human touch. On May 31, 2016, a fire broke out in the Guangdong Kawada factory in
Zhongshan due to power supply line problems. At a meeting after the fire, Kawada made clear the goal of
"two guarantees": first guarantee customers so that their orders will not be affected; second guarantee
For employees, the factory resumed production only 15 days after the fire. During this period,
employees’ wages were paid as usual. During these 15 days, Kawada decomposed the production capacity of
the Zhongshan factory and deployed employees to other factories for production. Every employee had no
complaints and actively engaged in the restoration and construction of the factory, and no one left.
The upstream manufacturers stated that they could use the raw materials to satisfy the production and
extend the billing period by 3 months before paying. Downstream customers also expressed their
understanding that they should use inventory as much as possible to deliver goods without putting too
much pressure on Kawada. In this way, the company was up and down in the same boat, twisted into a
rope, and finally survived the storm. The most moving is true feelings. Kawada people are moved,
grateful and grateful for the support and perseverance of customers and employees. The industry feels
very warm, and Kawada's 20 years have also gone all the way in such warmth. As early as 2010, the
company established the Employee Love Mutual Aid Association. One family has difficulties and multiple
supports. The difficulties are temporary, but this love can be passed on for a long time. Kawada’s
employees have high stability and strong cohesion. Many people work here because of their parents. They
also choose to come to Kawada to continue working. They are willing to grow with the company, sweat and
share the joy of harvest. Kawada’s warmth is also reflected in openness and enterprising and win-win
cooperation. The company creates a learning organization, encourages employees to continue learning,
and provides technical training, so that each employee has the opportunity to accumulate knowledge,
improve themselves, and work and live better. At the same time, we will communicate with upstream and
downstream companies in the industry, share production experience, maintain an open mind and seek
common challenges, and integrate the spirit of torrential courage and love into the blood to create a
warm enterprise and enhance employee happiness. Walk to the place where there is no surprise, look back
at the full bloom. The change of Chuantian Road, the outlook is beautiful. The company develops with
China and realizes the improvement of the overall level of the industry. Kawada is keen to pass on this
warmth. Although it is a matter of bit by bit, as long as it can contribute to the progress of the
entire industry, Kawada is willing to do it and is willing to share it together. Working behind closed
doors will only be complacent, and openness and win-win will continue to flow. Twenty years of Fanghua,
Kawada Phoenix Nirvana, from a little-known small factory to a company focused on the production of
feminine hygiene products, won a place in the industry; Twenty years of Fanghua, Kawada pursues
perfection, quality is king, research and development escort, From OEM to ODM, focus on polishing
bright products and cultivate technological advantages; 20 years of Fanghua, Kawada's rebirth,
withstand the cooperation of ten major new retail brands, such as: Jingxing ABC sanitary napkins,
Jingxing FREE sanitary napkins, Hengan Anerle sanitary napkins, Sibaojieting sanitary napkins, Beishute
sanitary napkins and other top ten brands of sanitary napkins in China have (have been) cooperation.

  Kawada Group was founded in May 1998. It was named after it was founded among the beautiful "mountains,
rivers and fields". The process of naming contains Kawada people's respect for nature and the
philosophical wisdom of "golden wood, water, fire and earth". Provide 100% pure processing business.
Company organizational structure: board of directors, general manager, general manager's office
(including archivists), sales center, technology research and development center, quality control
center, product supply center, financial center, administrative center, human resource center. Company
vision: to become a respected and influential enterprise in the disposable sanitary products
manufacturing industry within China. Company mission: professionally manufacture disposable sanitary
products and create value for customers. Company values: focus, professionalism, learning,
collaboration, execution, responsibility. The company is committed to making a piece with feelings,
stories, great love, depth, Internet thinking, humanistic care, attitude, differentiation, selling
points, market competitiveness, easy to use, and good The original self-profit and creative sanitary
napkins sold, good on-site demonstration and good publicity, pay attention to the product raw
materials, hierarchical structure, performance, function, formula, safety, craftsmanship, appearance,
knife mold, printing roller, product Technology research and development and planning and design of
packaging, etc., pay attention to the test machine, small test, pilot test, trial and feedback
evaluation, improvement and improvement of products and raw materials. The company's headquarters and
birthplace are located at No. 46 Guangfeng Road, Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong
Province. It has three manufacturing bases and six factories in Guangdong, Hubei and Zhejiang
(including three factories in Zhongshan, Guangdong) , Is a professional provider of disposable feminine
hygiene products brand sanitary pads and sanitary napkins OEM, brand sanitary pads and sanitary napkins
ODM, brand sanitary pads and sanitary napkins OBM, brand sanitary pads and sanitary napkins OEM, brand
sanitary care Pad and sanitary napkin processing, brand sanitary pad and sanitary napkin processing,
brand sanitary pad and sanitary napkin project development, brand sanitary pad and sanitary napkin
project design, brand sanitary pad and sanitary napkin project planning, brand sanitary pad And
sanitary napkin project planning, brand sanitary pad and sanitary napkin production, brand sanitary pad
and sanitary napkin manufacturing service factory groups, manufacturers, manufacturers, manufacturers,
suppliers. The group has a total of nearly 50 full-automatic, full-servo, advanced and professional
sanitary pad and sanitary napkin production lines, and is equipped with stain detection, mirror
detection, replacement material rejection, metal detection and other supporting intelligent inspection
inspection and detection systems. With a production capacity of more than 5 billion pieces, the group
has a total of nearly 1,000 employees. The length of sanitary pad and sanitary napkin body: 152mm
reduced wing type sanitary pad, 180mm reduced wing type mini sanitary napkin, 190mm wing type mini
sanitary napkin, 220mm daily sanitary napkin, 240mm daily sanitary napkin, 260mm extended day Sanitary
napkins, 285mm night sanitary napkins, 320mm extended night sanitary napkins, 350mm extended night
sanitary napkins, 380mm extra-long night sanitary napkins, 420mm ultra-long night sanitary napkins. The
company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, the US FDA health
registration, the medical care pad type 1 medical device production record, has many patented
technologies and continuous innovation, has a multi-functional physical and chemical laboratory, and a
10,000-level dust-free purification microbial experiment Room, 10,000-class dust-free purification
constant temperature and humidity precision laboratory and R&D center, static 100,000-class dust-free
purification production workshop. Many of the company's products have been appraised as "High-tech
Products of Guangdong Province". The company has advanced equipment, technology, technology and
scientific management. The construction of sanitary environment and the control of product quality are
in the forefront of the industry, and it has been repeatedly promoted as a standard unit by the
Provincial Department of Health. There are a total of 43 patents, including: 18 invention patents, 19
utility model patents, and 6 appearance patents. They have been awarded as "Guangdong High-tech
Enterprise", "Guangdong Province High-growth Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", "Zhongshan City
Sanitary Products & Sanitation" Material Engineering Technology Research and Development Center". The
company has customers in North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa,
Japan, South Korea, and other countries and regions. The group's annual performance is more than 500
million yuan, and the group has more than 100 cooperative brands. The company’s cooperative customers
and brand owners come from: traditional retail, new retail, traditional e-commerce, social e-commerce,
tertiary distribution, direct sales, wechat, OTC pharmacy, KA shopping mall, CS chain store, maternal
and child, and medical health Other channels or models. Cooperative enterprises or brands include:
Hengan Group Anerle sanitary napkin brand, Jingxingjiancare ABC sanitary napkin brand, Jingxingjiancare
FREE Fei sanitary napkin brand, Qianjinjingya sanitary napkin brand, Sibao Group Jieting sanitary
napkin brand , Beishute sanitary napkin brand, Xiaomeng Xiao sanitary napkin brand, Sibu Group Shuya
sanitary napkin brand, Han Xuanyuan Queen sanitary napkin brand, Darling Jiale Shumian sanitary napkin
brand, Anxintang Anxin sanitary napkin brand, Hujiahuyoumei sanitary napkin brand, Baojian Baoxin
sanitary napkin brand, Xiangxue Jiuji MM sanitary napkin brand, Luzhiyun Tingyuner sanitary napkin
brand, Stable Cotton Era sanitary napkin brand, Yunnan Baiyao Yixiaoxiao sanitary napkin brand , Yunnan
Baiyao Bai Xiaoxiao sanitary napkin brand, Ma Yinglong soft language sanitary napkin brand, Huairen
Pharmaceutical EME embraces my sanitary napkin brand, Guangzhou Jianlang Carrier has your time sanitary
napkin brand, Vader Achievement Wants You Sanitary Napkin, Kunyao Group Keyu Sanitary napkin brand,
Yibei Yibeizi sanitary napkin brand, Ayuan Qishimei sanitary napkin brand, Nuomi sanitary napkin brand,
etc. The self-owned sanitary napkin brands of Fortune Global 500 companies that have cooperated
overseas include: the SMART SENSE sanitary napkin brand of K-MART under Sears, the TARGET sanitary
napkin brand under Target, the KRGOER sanitary napkin brand under Kroger, and Wo The WALGREENS sanitary
napkin brand under Bolian, the CARDINAL HEALTH sanitary napkin brand under Cardinal, the Mannings
MANNINGS sanitary napkin brand of Milk International under Jardines Group, the GUARDIAN sanitary napkin
brand of Jianing, and the FIRST CHOICE sanitary napkin brand under Wellcome Wellcome. , Dollar Tree's
DOLLAR TREE sanitary napkin brand, FAMILY DOLLAR sanitary napkin brand, COMMON SENSE sanitary napkin
brand, etc. The company attaches great importance to the control of key process points and quality
points, such as: stain detection, metal detection, material break control, temperature control, air
pressure control, multi-chip and small-chip inspection, mirror detection, replacement material
rejection, physical detection, chemical detection, Microbial testing (bacteria testing, fungus testing,
pathogen testing), sizing volume control, spray volume control, polymer addition volume control, raw
material testing, packaging material testing, semi-finished product testing, finished product testing,
structure testing Testing, performance testing, functional testing, appearance testing, water
absorption rate testing, absorption speed testing, fluorescent agent testing, formaldehyde content
testing, back peel strength testing, machine hygiene, environmental hygiene, employee hands Hygiene
etc. And carry out in-depth and systematic cooperation with various leading high-quality suppliers in
the industry, such as: Sumitomo SUMITOMO polymer from Japan, Henkel hot melt adhesive from Germany,
FULLER hot melt adhesive from the United States, Boss BOSTIK hot melt adhesive from France , Hengchang
HCH machinery, Xinyuhong CSG machinery, Sanmu THREEWOOD machinery, Nordson NORDSON glue machine,
Lixinxing PA inspection, Yongchuang YOUNGSUN (acquisition of Crete), Jiachuang GACHN packaging
machinery, Mai Ya MAYERCNC inspection, Yuliu YULIU Packaging machinery, EPVISION testing, Jizhou KGK
coding, UNNI GIO MIKE fabric from Japan, IP wood pulp from American International Paper, etc. Available
fabrics: American cotton COTTON USA or Australian cotton or Xinjiang long-staple cotton GOTS certified
organic cotton spunlace non-woven fabric, hot-air non-woven fabric, spunbond non-woven fabric, hot-
rolled non-woven fabric, Perforated PE film fabrics, composite fabrics, silk fabrics, sky silk fabrics,
latex polylactic acid fabrics, medical gauze fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics, etc. From the perspective
of product concepts, there are: ultra-thin series, organic series, negative ion series, nano silver
series, far infrared series, magnetodynamic series, chitosan series, graphene series, yew series,
chitin series, DM diatom series , Tea polyphenol series, DM diatom series, wormwood wormwood series,
Wenjing Nuanggong Chinese herbal formula series, Chinese herbal series, flower and plant essential oil
maintenance series, cool and cool series. From the perspective of product packaging, there are: PE
single-layer plastic bag series, PE composite plastic bag series, aluminum foil composite plastic bag
series, PE composite zipper bone bag series, roll film sealing bag series, magic pocket series, paper
box series, iron Boxed series, gift box set box series, canvas bag set series, Oxford cloth bag set
series. From the point of view of chips, it can be divided into: no chip type, chip type, and chip type
can be divided into white chips, printed chips, single-layer chips, double-layer chips, vision chips,
and functional chips. From the perspective of hierarchical structure, it can be divided into: five-
layer structure, six-layer structure, seven-layer structure, eight-layer structure, and nine-layer
structure. From the perspective of absorber structure, it can be divided into: ultra-thin absorber
structure of dust-free paper coated SAP polymer composite absorbent paper, and slim absorber structure
of wet-strength paper coated wood pulp and polymer. From the perspective of the film, it can be divided
into: PE film, SMMS non-woven film, and composite non-woven film. From the perspective of special
materials, it can be divided into: special printing chip, special printing PE breathable bottom film,
special printing release paper, special printing PE film, special printing quick and easy paste,
special printing plastic bag, special printing carton, special printing Set of boxes, special printing
sets, special printing outer boxes. Welcome customers or agents to visit and guide Kawatian Company!

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