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● Own three major manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Hubei
● The current annual mean output is 3.5 billion pieces.
● Kawata owns 14 advanced fast-speed production lines at present, the production capacity reaches 2 billion pieces/year, and the output reaches 0.2 billion CNY/year.
● All workshops of Kawata adopt the fully closed structure, all people and material entrances are arranged with wind curtain and electric doors so as to effectively prevent insects.
● The workshops are internally arranged with clothes changing, shoes rooms, air shower, hand washing and disinfecting pools.
● The raw material silos are also arranged with buffer rooms.
● All workshops are provided with ultraviolet lamps which controlled by computer process and can automatically be turned on.
● The fully-closed workshop flow adopts the sub-zone independent method and package following method, and the on-site logistics is smooth. The workshops are arranged with central air-conditioning and air cleaning systems; the working environment and health conditions have reached the top level internationally.


Tel:+86 760-8987 8988
Mr Houson Hou:+86 13590912876

Add:A: No.46,GuangFeng Rd.,Torch development zone, Zhongshan city, GuangDong,China,528437

          B:  No. 38th, ChengNanWu Rd.,     Southern District, Zhongshan City, GuangDong, China, 528455