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The Kawada Group is headquartered at Hong Kong, and owns three major manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hubei.The Company is specialized in research and developm-ent, design, production and sales of disposable female hygie-ne product; its product mainly includes sanitary towel, panty l-iner, incontinence pad, puerperal pad, and so on.


1.With 6 factories.
2.Annual capacity: 5 billion pieces.


1.Have passed the ISO9001:2008 approval.
2.Have finished the U.S.FDA hygienic registration.


1.Panty liner:152mm.
2.Long panty liner:180mm.
3.Mini pad:190mm.
4.Regular sanitary napkin:240mm,260mm.
5.Long super sanitary napkin:285mm.
6.Overnight sanitary napkin:320mm.
7.Extra long sanitary napkin:350mm.
8.Extra long sanitary napkin:380mm.
9.Super long sanitary napkin:420mm.

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Tel:+86 760-8987 8988
Mr Houson Hou:+86 13590912876

Add:A: No.46,GuangFeng Rd.,Torch development zone, Zhongshan city, GuangDong,China,528437

          B:  No. 38th, ChengNanWu Rd.,     Southern District, Zhongshan City, GuangDong, China, 528455